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The MasterBlog
 - News, Research and Opinion articles on Global Current Affairs, Money & Finance, Natural Resources, Latin America, the Middle East, as well as other Miscellanea from the web.

The MasterFeeds - The MasterBlog's Feeds on Global & Financial News.

The MasterCharts - The MasterBlog’s Charts on Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Commodities, Financial & Economic Statistics, and other interesting Data .

The MasterLiving Blog - Work Hard, but Play Hard - or Take it Easy, if you wish...Here are some articles on Living it Up.

The MasterTech Blog - The MasterBlog's Science & Technology News

MasterBlog en Español - The MasterBlog in Spanish: "Noticias, Informes y Artículos de Opinión sobre temas de Actualidad, Economia y Finanzas, Recursos Naturales, America Latina, y otros Misceláneos de Internet." 

MasterEnergy Blog - All the latest Energy News 

MasterEnergy News - MasterEnergy on Facebook

WordPress Sites - Same posts, but updated less frequently

MasterMetals on WordPress  - MasterMetals on WordPress 

The MasterBlog on WordPress  The MasterBlog on WordPress 

The MasterFeeds on WordPress  The MasterFeeds on WordPress 

The MasterCharts on WordPress  The MasterCharts on WordPress